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Instagram Ideas & Strategies for Modern Marketing

Instagram Ideas & Strategies for Modern Marketing

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Instagram Ideas & Strategies for Modern Marketing

Instagram, it’s kind of a big deal. All brands have a lot to gain from having an Instagram account worth following. The platform is all about being aesthetically pleasing and visually dynamic, so shouldn’t you get uniquely positioned to share content worth drooling over? Of course! But that doesn’t mean you do. You can succeed on Instagram regardless of whether you’ve got a product or service-based business. (Have you seen @thmodernmarketer?!)

For Product-Based Businesses….

You’re probably thinking, “I got this. All I need to do is post pictures of my products. We’re good, right?” Wrong. While you may have the most stunning products in the world, the same thing with different angles and different lighting is going to get really, really old. Fast.

That’s not going to help you build a following on Instagram, and you certainly won’t be able to make sales without a solid following. The truth is that you can do better, and here’s how.

1. Show your product in motion

That white background you used at the photography studio was awesome for product listings and company videos, but it’s going to get boring as the only backdrop your Instagram followers ever see. In fact, does your product even have a real-world application? Of course it does! Be sure to show people that.

bluesmart luggage instagram

Whether you sell luggage or a water bottle, take stunning images that show people using it. Take shots of each step required for using it properly, and take some shots in different places where it can be used. Humans as a group tend to really like a stellar backdrop, so get out for a day and get some product shots done outside in the world. These pics will be much more interesting for your audience than the ones you had professionally done.

2. Add a little artwork

Ever heard on If you haven’t used it yet, you should. You don’t need to be a professional designer to add some digital flair to your images. Upload your blah images, add fancy fonts, inspirational quotes, and other elements to to fancy them up. It’s easy, it’s free, and it can make the difference between sharing a boring image and sharing an engaging one.

Canva is now mobile as well, so you don’t even need a computer to make those images stand out.

The Modern Marketer does this really well….

The Modern Marketer Instagram

3. Branch out into your niche

While it’s good to use your Instagram account to share stellar images of your products, the best accounts are the ones that are visually stimulating and varied. If you sell something that appeals to travelers, start sharing images that will appeal to travelers. If you sell something that appeals to business owners, start sharing images that appeal to business owners. Not every shot needs to have your product in it.

Swell Bottle Instagram

There’s a lot you can do with that in mind. Landscapes, airport shots, food, your toes in the sand. Give your followers (and potential clients) the visual experience they want. There’s so much opportunity here, you’ll never be stumped about what to post next.

For service-based businesses….

Services can be hard to capture with a smartphone, so here are some tips for creating content that will grow your Instagram following if you sell services instead of products.

1. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Action shots can be just as appealing as a really stunning plate of food, so get on it. If you take people out on tours, challenge yourself to capture 20 great shots from each experience. If you run a boutique hotel, take shots of your bathroom soap, your bedspreads, artwork in the hallways. If you are a travel planner, take photos when you are on the road and get to posting. If you are a florist, show those flowers in motion!

flowers Instagram account

The right lighting or filter can make the simplest of images come alive, and that small moment of a mother smiling at her son on your tour or a funky angle of your hotel’s lobby can really inspire some travel lust. Now that Instagram is rocking as a video platform as well, you can share videos of your service as well!

Don’t worry about doing what everyone else does on Instagram. Start snapping photos of everything you see around you. There’s a good chance that you might surprise yourself with the wealth of subjects you have at your fingertips.

2. Own your destination

Businesses that offer a service typically have a brick and mortar location. Again, use what you’ve got! Out to dinner on a Saturday night? Going hiking after work? Visiting a famous landmark with family? Start snapping!

lorna jane instagram

Every destination has something special about it, local flavor that keeps tourists coming back for more. Use this love to your advantage and give the people what they want! If you’re coming up short on ideas for your Instagram account, filling in the gaps with destination shots is a great way to prevent your account from going dark before the spark of creativity ignites once more.

3. Share some office shots

The fun thing about social media is that it doesn’t have to be super perfect and streamlined—in fact, it shouldn’t be. While there will always be a place for professional-grade images touting inspirational travel quotes, nothing makes a brand more appealing than being personable on their social media platforms.

You can share images of staff members at their computers, in their ugly Christmas sweaters, or even petting the team mascot. Not impressed that it’s Monday? Share an image that shows your disdain for the first day of the work week! Other Instagram users will appreciate your genuine images.

Good advice for everyone: Research hashtags

Hashtags are super trendy, but that’s not why you should be using them on Instagram. For this social platform, hashtags are like a light in the dark: they are searchable and help people discover the kinds of content that’s relevant to them. Using Instagram without hashtags is like going to McDonald’s after the gym—you put in the work, but immediately made it completely irrelevant.

Don’t just go in and start throwing hashtags around blindly, however. When you type in something like #smallbusiness, for example, Instagram will generate similar/related options. Spend some time typing in the hashtags you think will be the most effective and write down all the ones you think you should be using.

Only use relevant hashtags. Pay attention to what your competition is using. Do some research on what’s popular or trending. If you do it right, they will come. If you do it really well, they will buy.

If you do it really well, they will buy.

Good advice for everyone: Engage for real

The biggest fail that social media marketers make on ANY platform is failing to engage. Show genuine concern for your audience’s wants and needs. A nurtured audience is a happy audience, and the more you focus on engaging on any platform, the more you can expect from your followers.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Instagram is such a simple concept, yet as a social platform, it holds quite a bit of sway. You can match your content to context by posting effectively on Instagram. A strong profile can be a starting point to launch your brand.

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