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Remarkability Plus Practicality Equals Virality

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Remarkability Plus Practicality Equals Virality

“Give people a product they enjoy, and they’ll be happy to spread the word.”

We, marketers, are responsible for every aspect of HOW we brand ourselves and our businesses.

Becoming a mogul, expert, guru or thought leader in your industry is not easy by any means—there are, however, steps and guidelines to make that more achievable. In my current positions as a brand manager and social media coordinator, both positions have taught me two key concepts:

  1. Remarkability
  2. Practical Value

Throughout our marketing processes we must have those words embedded in our minds.

When we create a social media calendar and agenda, there are always thoughts of, “is this too much? …not enough? …could there be a better caption? …is this the picture we want to use?”

These are understandable questions and quite frankly the type of questions we should be weighing when making marketing decisions.

The answer, as I will show you in this article, lies in remarkability and practical value.

Creating Remarkability

To create remarkability, first we have to answer, what IS remarkability?

Remarkability is something that is story worthy.

As marketers, we want our clients to always be relevant to the masses but more importantly to their exclusive clientele and customer bases. As a business owner, you should want nothing but the same for your business.

Remarkability has a way of becoming a game between yourself and other competing businesses.

How do you win?

Make people look and feel good while promoting your product.

As we’ve said before on The Modern Marketer, “you have to pretend that everyone you are serving needs you to help them feel important.” 

For example, coffee is a love for most full-time working individuals. If your client is a newly found coffee shop, there ARE ways to brand them differently than other coffee shops brand themselves. Although there will be similar ideas, visual engagers will only care about who branded best.

In Knoxville (where I am from), there are a plethora of coffee shops—one in particular though stands out.

It’s called Remedy.

Remedy has all the modern set ups.

From wooden furniture, to the cool lights and the black painted wall to the right as you walk in that has nice calligraphy saying “Coffee and Conversation”. It’s a place of genius that highlights the main purpose of why you are there. You want coffee and more than likely, you will be having some sort of conversation.

Now you’re asking, “okay it’s cool but what makes it…remarkable?”

Well, there’s a donut shop on the other side of its doors that is only open from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and is always busy. So much in fact, they sometimes sell out of donuts before 1:00 PM because they can’t make enough when it’s close to time (good problem to have, right?)

A remarkable idea these two businesses had together was extending both donut shop and coffee shop hours to increase traffic on weekend nights. Why? For a weekly collaboration called  Late Night Donuts from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

This was and is remarkable.

It not only made both business’ products more accessible but also increased traffic and revenue for both businesses by offering an exclusive event. The collaboration offered by these sister businesses is what gave them and their customers remarkability.

This is what drives people to stay engaged, motivated, and ALWAYS wanting more.

Creating Practicality

We need to focus on another task when we market: practical value.

Or as Gary Vee so often says, “practicality.”

Yes, we want our content to have an emotional connection to our audience but it doesn’t have to be anything luxurious or extravagant and it certainly doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The main thing that keeps people talking is practical value.

Society likes to pass along practical and useful information that other people can actually use. Why do you think you’ve seen those Tasty videos by Buzzfeed all over your newsfeed for the last 12-18 months.

What we post or even discuss with clients and customers is about showing and explaining the feelings and experiences of something “good”. This leads to the values of their time and money usage.

As marketers, let alone individuals, we are the gateway to conversations and business for others.

Practicality is something that is over-looked. We think of it as too common or boring. It’s completely the opposite. We must have an open mind throughout the planning of our content and marketing message, because being practical is what’s needed to make the initial connection.

One of my favorite quotes when it comes to marketing is what you saw at the beginning of this article, “Give people a product they enjoy and they’ll be happy to spread the word.”

How simple of a quote that represents both remarkability and practicality.

Remarkability Plus Practicality Create Virality


This wouldn’t be a Modern Marketer article without applying this in the real world. So here is the equation we came up with:

remarkability + practicality = virality

Ultimately, what we (marketers) look for in our line of work is virility.

At any level.

Certain stories that can successfully create remarkability and practical value have the outcome of going viral.

I read in Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious: “Why Things Catch On,” a story that was so simple that you wouldn’t believe how it became so viral. A man named Ken Craig, eighty-six years old, was a hit on YouTube from a method of shucking corn… Yes, shucking corn.

Of all things.

An Oklahoma farmer had noticed something quite interesting about the preparation of corn.

He put the unshucked ears of corn in the microwave, four minutes an ear. Once finished, he grabbed a knife and cut half an inch off the bottom. He grabbed the husk at the top, gave a few shucks, and out popped the corn – clean with no silk.

Now you can guess this eighty-six-year-old man didn’t have a wealth of knowledge about social media, let alone the internet. The man’s family was over at the house and his daughter-in-law was so impressed that she asked him to do it another time while she filmed it.

She put it on YouTube (to show family members) and unexpectedly, Ken’s “Clean Ears Everytime” video became viral, collecting more than 5 MILLION VIEWS!

Now let’s bring this full circle.

Something as simple as shucking corn was considered remarkable and practical enough to reach the general masses. Don’t overthink your product, your post, your strategy… There is practical value and remarkability in simplicity.

Your consumers and followers will spread the word. Trust me.


Hello! My name is Andrew Bowers and I currently reside in Knoxville, Tennessee where I’m pursuing a degree in Communications. I am involved in the university housing department where I am a Marketing Content Brand Manager and am an Assistant Social Media Coordinator for the University of Tennessee Men’s Basketball team.

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